Easy Time Control時間控管系統

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Easy Time Control時間控管系統
Easy Time Control時間控管系統 Easy Time Control Software is an all inclusiv...

Easy Time Control時間控管系統
Easy Time Control Software is an all inclusive Time and Attendance business solution that can interface to all existing payroll systems and allows organizations and individuals to electronically collect and track real time workforce data, streamlining the payroll process.

When dealing with countless employees and time and attendance, efficiency is what companies demand. Today more than ever, controlling overhead costs can mean the difference between profit and loss. Easy Time Control Software provides you with a viable solution to reduce the processing time and decrease errors associated with a manual time-keeping process. 

We use world leading technologies to assure the accuracy of your workforce management like biometrics. Biometric systems have been researched and tested for a few decades, but only recently entered the public domain because of high profile applications and increased measurement criteria of day-to-day activities.

You are welcome to browse through our website to find more information about how you can save your organization it?s time and money.

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