Microsoft Dynamics CRM 客戶關係管理系統

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 客戶關係管理系統
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 客戶關係管理系統Stay Connected to People,Customers, an...

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 客戶關係管理系統
Stay Connected to People,Customers, and Systems
Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps make the connections that build loyalty and maximise the value of your customer relationships. Easy-to-use and flexible, it empowers your people with tools that increase knowledge sharing and simplify account management.

The Power of CRM With Familiar Microsoft Applications
Experience the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to improve marketing, boost sales, and enrich customer service interactions in no time at all, with Microsoft Office applications you already know how to use.

The Power You Need to Run a Smart, Lean Organisation
Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you real-time analytics and the streamlined business
processes you need to make sound decisions, increase your marketing effectiveness, and empower your sales people.

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