Grokr~iPhone版的Google Now

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Grokr~iPhone版的Google Now
現在有個最新必備的 iPhone App 會改變使用 iPhone 的習慣。這個 App 叫 Grokr,有些人把 Grokr 比做 A...

現在有個最新必備的 iPhone App 會改變使用 iPhone 的習慣。

這個 App 叫 Grokr,有些人把 Grokr 比做 Android 的 Google Now─不僅可以預測你想收集的資訊,還會直接顯現。測試了幾個禮拜之後,原作者發現 Grokr 跟 Google Now 的不同之處。

Grokr 比較像針對個人搜尋和探索的應用,會預測並推薦資訊,了解你喜歡的東西再提供你最新消息,潮流,最新交通資訊,天氣,賽事結果,餐廳資訊,任何你需要的資訊。

當 Google Now 年初推出的時候,掀起網路助理世界大浪。這種新搜尋模式得以準確預測使用者所想要,還能在開口要前就提供。連 Apple 的 Siri 都還做不到。

整體而言,Grokr 的服務算是令人滿意,希望日後這 APP 可以有更多功能,讓人不忘事。

以下是 Grokr 簡單的介紹-

![Take a few minutes to get acquainted with the app. Here is a brief explanation about the app. The app automatically brings you up to date information wherever you are.](
Grokr 需要你的地理位置
![Grokr is one of those apps that needs your location to really work well. ](
選 OK,Grokr 就可以用你的地理資訊
![There's the prompt. Tap OK to allow the app to use your location.]( -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grokr 還可以跟你的社群網路同步,可以選 Twitter, Facebook, 還有 LinkedIn
![Grokr works better if you sync your social media accounts. You have the choice between Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.](
舉例而言,Grokr 會用所在地理位置,顯示附近交通狀況
![And we're in. The first thing Grokr shows us is the traffic around us. Luckily we don't drive in NYC. Directly below the traffic, Grokr shows us our current location. The more you use the app the better it will get to know you. You can save favorite locations to get more precise information around you.](
![Right below the traffic and our location we can see weather information and items that are currently trending on the web.]( 餐廳可以直接訂位,或路線指示  
![Tapping on a restaurant brings up even more information about it, you can call or even get directions.](
Grokr 會自動看你的所在位置,告訴你你去過那些地方,和你喜歡的地方,但只有你看的到這些資訊。
![Grokr can automatically monitor where we are and lets us know where we've been and our favorite places, sort of like an automatic Foursquare. But don't worry, only you can see this information.](
也可以允許 Grokr,掃描你的 iTunes,了解你的喜好,這樣就可以提供你附近的活動或演唱會資訊。
![If you give the app permission, Grokr can scan your iTunes and learn about your interests. The goal is to give you more accurate results about events or concerts that may be in your area. ](
![If the topics the app picks for you aren't good enough, you can search for other topics that fit you.](
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